You’re an Olympic Athlete in the Sport of Negative Thinking!

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With the 2018 Winter Olympics games approaching soon, I thought that this would be great food for thought for your mind, body and soul.

You may not realize this but YOU are an Olympic athlete when it comes to negative thinking. We all are. Think about how much you perfect this skill of negative thinking over the course of your life. Each and every day, you probably have a few negative thoughts without even realizing it. (It’s probably more than a few…but let’s go with that!). These thoughts could be about yourself or your current life situation or maybe even about other people in your life! Yes, you practice this skill every day and you become an expert at it. You get so good at negative thinking that you don’t even know you are doing it, but your life experiences continue to show you that you sure are focused more on what you don’t want!

Do you really want a metaphorical medal in the sport of “negative thinking”??

There is a way to fix this fine-tuned skill you have of chronic negative thinking.  Let me share a little story of something that happened to me and how I pivoted it.

One day the Universe gave me a gentle reminder that I just thought a negative thought – I smacked my funny bone in the wall while I was walking out of a room. Yes, I attracted that and it definitely got my attention too! Since I am always curious about how I attract things into my life, I reflected on what happened prior to that and I realized that I was looking in the mirror before that and had a negative thought. I thought to myself “Wow … I didn’t even realize that I had that thought until the gentle throbbing in my elbow reminded me of it!

Yes, it even happens to me … the Lovin’ Life Happiness Coach! 😉

But I do have a heightened awareness of my thoughts & feelings and I pay attention often to how I feel. Even if I didn’t realize that I had negative thoughts, I will typically know by how I feel OR by an event like the elbow incident where I am reminded of it!

Do YOU ever think negative thoughts? Of course you do — you’re human! But have you ever stopped to think what thinking those negative thoughts on a regular basis does to the quality of your overall life?

A negative thought or feeling can take on many forms (it almost appears like there exists an infinite amount when you think about all the things you say and do during the course of a day):

Here are just a few common ones that may sound familiar:

1) You say “that can’t happen” or that will never happen to me!

2) I don’t want that

3) I feel frustrated and angry

4) This sucks

5) I can’t afford that

6) This is NOT working

7) If I only had (fill in the blank), I would be so much happier

8) My body is out of shape! Ugh!

9) I’m getting old – I just can’t do that anymore (I hear this one often from family, friends, people I interact with in the stores I shop in – they blame everything on AGE and getting older! Really?  Is that what you want to affirm?)

You get the idea. The list can go on and on and on. Pay attention to everything you say through a day and ask yourself:

Did that just make me feel better or worse?”


Did what I just say focus on the positive of what I really want or did I just remind myself of something that bothers me or something that I don’t have?”

Imagine this…What if each time you had a negative thought or feeling during the course of a day, you were slapped on the side of your head? Yes, you just heard me right … SLAPPED UPSIDE YOUR HEAD!

Would you have a headache by the end of the day?

What about by the end of that week or month or year? Oh my!

Would you start paying more attention to what you were saying and feeling … then? (or do you like having that great big pain in your head!)

Believe this when I say it…each time you think and feel a negative thought and focus on all the things you don’t want in your life, you are figuratively slapping yourself upside your head and making it even more difficult for yourself to turn things around and feel better about a situation!

Not only that, imagine what you are doing internally to yourself – physically! It has been proven that stress and worry can create physical ailments in your body. Heck, people can even die of a broken heart … really!

That saying “Stress will kill you” is not just a saying. Every cell of your body responds to your thoughts and feelings and responds accordingly!

When you let go of negative thoughts & feelings, your physical body responds in a positive way!”

Do yourself a favor. If there is a situation in your life that you are not satisfied with, start paying attention to what you say to yourself (and others) about that part of your life. Look within and ask yourself how you feel on a daily basis about that situation. How often do you think about it? What is the nature of your thoughts? How do you feel when you think these thoughts? Happy or sad? Exhilarated or frustrated? Hopeful or defeated?

Here’s a question that will give an indication if you are grounded in the negative more often than not:

Are you often waiting for the “shoe to drop” (the negative to happen)? 

Or are you eagerly anticipating the positive to manifest? (Expecting your dreams and desires to unfold)

Next time you have that negative thought or feeling, remember this blog post and remind yourself that you are being an Olympic Athlete in the sport of chronic negative thinking.  Once you remind yourself and stop the act of stinkin’ thinkin’, you can reset your thought process and try again.

A few suggestions on how to reset your mindset in the moment:

1) Tell yourself a more empowering story.

2) Ask yourself “So, what DO I want?”

3) Reach for a better feeling, even if it means turning your focus to something totally different that puts a smile on your face.

4) Build your positive imagination muscle. Close your eyes and imagine having the thing you really want and FEEL what it would be like. Really FEEL it!

5) Realize that any feeling you have is just that “your feeling” and you can choose to let go of it.

6) When all else fails, pull out that Gratitude Journal and start giving lots of attention to the blessings in your life!

Give the positive side equal billing. Why be biased towards the negative outcome? It will definitely not bring you what you want in your life!

So start turning it around and become an Olympic Athlete in the Sport of Positive Thinking!



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