What living in the past does to your current & future reality!

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I have a new client who looks back in the past and looks at herself now and feels pretty crappy about where she is at.

The question she asks herself often is

“How did I allow myself to get here?”

Have you ever asked yourself that question around a certain area of your life, where you are disappointed in where you are at now in this present moment?

If you have, let me explain what that does vibrationally to you and how that impacts your current and future reality.  It’s all connected.  How you feel NOW (about anything) is a very potent energy that will either benefit or hinder you.

When you ask that question, you are typically judging yourself, feeling that you were better THEN vs. NOW. (And don’t tell me “well I was better then” <== that is still a judgment!)

Judging yourself doesn’t feel good and it sucks the happy vibe right out of you!

So, comparing yourself to a “better” past mucks up your present moment vibration and takes away any joy you could feel in this moment.

AND here’s the real kicker…

When you are looking back in the past and feeling bad about where you are at now… 

you are planting a negative seed for your future life experiences.

Did you realize that?

Is that what you really want to do?

Each moment you look back in the past and judge yourself, you are wasting your precious energy and paving the way for a future that is not going to be desirable to you.

Why? Because how you feel right now impacts what you attract next into your life.

And it is always a match.  That’s the Law of Attraction in action.

* Bring your attention back to the present moment.

* Deliberately focus on the what you are grateful for.

* Talk about what you DO want, not what you don’t want.

* Take inspired action and reach out to a coach or mentor who can support you in creating what you desire to change in your life.  Even Olympic athletes hire a coach or mentor to help them to be the best of the best!!

And most of all, stop comparing yourself to your past, to other people, to standards that are set by others.  Comparing serves no purpose (especially when it makes you feel “less than” or “not successful enough” or like you have “let yourself go”).

“Comparison is the thief of JOY!” ~ Theodore Roosevelt 

Have a Lovin’ Life day! 

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