Unhappy Physicians – it doesn’t have to be that way!

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Life is too short to be unhappy.  There is no reason why you shouldn’t be enjoying the journey of life as much as you can. So much is happening around the world that makes you stop and think about how precious life is.

There is a lot of anger and negativity in society and it takes a lot of mindfulness practice to not let the outside negativity impact your inner peace and happiness.

Are YOU taking that time to find that peace within?

I hear so many of my physician clients tell me that they are unhappy with their work life. (Honestly, it’s not just physicians, many people I have worked with told me that they were “putting up” with their job for the money but are going through life by default, not enjoying the journey!)

My physician clients tell me that they “have had enough”! The stress, the politics, the unwillingness of the profession to address the burnout and unrealistic demands that are placed on physicians … all of it does not contribute to their joy.

Life is a journey …

Not a very profound statement by itself, but wait – let me elaborate …

  • Life is a journey with many trials and tribulations.
  • Life is a journey that has its ups and downs.
  • Life is a journey that often takes us off the path we thought we would be on.
  • Life is a journey with abundant smiles and blessings, but also moments of sadness and frustration.
  • Life is a journey that has world events happen that we just can NOT wrap our minds around as to WHY?!
  • Life is a journey that gives us many opportunities to rise or to fall, depending on how we choose to respond to what is thrown our way.

I claim my happiness NOW as a physician!The path we actually take on our life journey often has so many unexpected detours that if we looked back at a sketch of that path over our lifetime, we would see anything BUT a straight neat looking line – it would look more like a child’s scribble with a beginning and end and a whole lot of variability and curves in between. 😉

We all have our story up until now – some high points, some low points.

But you know what matters most?

The attitude that we choose to embrace while on this journey!  Even the low points can be turned into moments where we flourish and grow and birth new moments of joy and strength if we allow them to be.

I am going to say it … and it might not be the very popular thing to say to you as a physician, but if you are truly NOT happy with the way your career is going or the unrealistic burdens and stress that you feel on a daily basis, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT right now! Change the course of your life.  Don’t put up with being unhappy.

Life is too damn short.

Reflect on what is important to you.  Tap into what you are passionate about and how you would truly like to spend the rest of your life.  Don’t settle for anything less than pure joy – because you get one shot at this life and NOW is where your power resides!  Take that action step that claims your power, that puts YOU in the driver seat of your life, not everyone else or the “establishment”.  You are the one who ultimately has control over the direction your life is going.  Are you ready to seize that opportunity and stop the insanity of perpetual unhappiness and stress?

You don’t have to stay stuck in a job that brings you only headaches.  You don’t have to put up with corporate politics and do things that are against the grain of who you are and what makes YOU happy.

If you are ready to make that difference in your life, whether it be “eliminating the burnout”, “transitioning to a new career” or “improving your own overall health” by redesigning your life so that it is aligned with your values, your passions and what brings you true joy, then I invite you to book a “Claiming my Happiness Now” breakthrough session today.

Life is too short to not enjoy the journey!

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