Physician Suicide (Part 2): How do we improve the statistics?

Like I mentioned in Part 1 of my Blog Series on Physician Suicide, it appears that society forgets that physicians are human too! It starts in medical school and continues on from there.  Physicians are not expected to have feelings – well, let me state that more accurately – physicians are not supposed to express […]

Physician Burnout – Is Transitioning to a New Career an option?

Many of my doctor clients come to me because they are at their wits’ end with their demanding schedule, late hours, massive stress and basically 0% balance when it comes to their own personal life. It feels to them that there is no way out (sound familiar?). They make good money as a Physician, but the […]

Eliminating Physician Burnout: Take your EKG of Life!

In the corporate world I was a Statistician and always loved to transform relevant data into a graphical display that captured the whole story of what was going on in the data!   This got me thinking about the types of charts or graphs that you look at to assess the overall health and wellbeing […]

Prescribing a VISION Rx for Physician Burnout!

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan but also BELIEVE.” ~ Anatole France Have you ever thought about something that you really wanted to happen in your life, in such great detail, that you knew without a doubt that it was going to happen?  You saw it; […]

Awareness & Acknowledgement: The first step to healing Physician Burnout!

It’s a vicious cycle … you work hard, your schedule is very hectic and you experience stress.  But feeling stressed is just part of your career in the medical profession, right?  Then life gets so busy where you don’t feel like you have enough time to spend with family or take care of your own […]

Running late every day contributes to Physician Burnout!

Many of my doctor clients run late every single day!  They don’t want to, but their schedule just “runs away from them” and by the end of the day they are still seeing patients and getting home late all the time. They say to me “well, there are so many hours in a day! I […]

Overbooked & Overwhelmed: How to Avoid Physician Burnout with a Hectic, Demanding Schedule

One of the main issues I hear from my Doctor coaching clients who have a full-time Medical Practice is that their schedule is way overbooked and that there is nothing they can do about it. (Well, that’s what they tell me on their first coaching session!)   Their office staff continues to double book appointments […]