Physician Burnout Mindset – Don’t wait for the shoe to drop!

As a Certified Life Coach for Doctors, I work with lots of physicians who are overworked, overwhelmed and over their limit on the amount of stress they can handle.  But what is very interesting to see is that many of these same physicians are resistant to making a significant change in their work schedule or […]

The Power of your Thoughts and Feelings!

The MS Web We Weave!  “Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you… as by the attitude you bring life.”   ~ John Homer Mills Everything is energy … including your thoughts!  How often do you go to the worst case scenario before it even happens?  What do you think contributes to […]

Life Coaching for the Doctors’ Spouses

Being married to a physician has its own set of challenges and issues that many spouses of doctors are more than familiar with. Today I had the pleasure to coach the spouse of one of my doctor clients.  He was happy to leave that session with effective tools and strategies that would help him to […]

Putting yourself last contributes to Physician Burnout!

My physician clients are really good at helping their patients, being great leaders, putting their work schedule before their family and their own needs.  But what they find so often happens is that at some point they feel the burden (physically and emotionally) of always putting themselves last on their “to do” list. One of […]

Awareness & Acknowledgement: The first step to healing Physician Burnout!

It’s a vicious cycle … you work hard, your schedule is very hectic and you experience stress.  But feeling stressed is just part of your career in the medical profession, right?  Then life gets so busy where you don’t feel like you have enough time to spend with family or take care of your own […]

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits: How to remain calm during the storm!

Medical malpractice lawsuits just add to a Physician’s burnout symptoms.  It’s an extra source of stress that can tear  down the spirit, confidence and passion for what you do.  I’ve coached a few physicians around this topic and the one thing that I have seen with my physician clients who are going through this is […]

Is Physician Burnout just part of the job or a Mindset?

I recently read on that nearly HALF of physicians struggle with burnout.  As the article stated: “High rates of exhaustion and depersonalization are driving many to consider leaving practice, which would exacerbate doctor shortages and affect patient care, experts say.”~ C. Krupa, amednews staff Yes, it is true that the medical profession lends itself […]

Eradicating Physician Burnout with Gratitude!

Have you written a gratitude list lately?  Do you tend to focus on what you are grateful to have in your current  life OR do you focus more on what is NOT working and what stresses you out? Sure, with your hectic schedule and the environment of being around sickness and disease, it may appear […]

Overbooked & Overwhelmed: How to Avoid Physician Burnout with a Hectic, Demanding Schedule

One of the main issues I hear from my Doctor coaching clients who have a full-time Medical Practice is that their schedule is way overbooked and that there is nothing they can do about it. (Well, that’s what they tell me on their first coaching session!)   Their office staff continues to double book appointments […]

Physician Burnout: When worrying what others think significantly adds to your stress level

Many of my doctor coaching clients are very concerned with what their colleagues say about them, how much their patients like them and their overall reputation as a Physician. And that’s understandable … of course you would want to have an excellent reputation as a Physician and be regarded as THE BEST!   But here’s […]