Physician Burnout Mindset – Don’t wait for the shoe to drop!

As a Certified Life Coach for Doctors, I work with lots of physicians who are overworked, overwhelmed and over their limit on the amount of stress they can handle.  But what is very interesting to see is that many of these same physicians are resistant to making a significant change in their work schedule or […]

Stress and Physician Health

STRESS and YOUR Overall Health & Well-being as a Physician! Most of my Physician clients tell me that they seek one main thing “Peace of Mind”.   Feeling stressed is the exact opposite of that feeling.  You CAN NOT find that “peace within”, while simultaneously feeling stressed.  It’s just not possible.  And feeling consistently stressed and […]

Awareness & Acknowledgement: The first step to healing Physician Burnout!

It’s a vicious cycle … you work hard, your schedule is very hectic and you experience stress.  But feeling stressed is just part of your career in the medical profession, right?  Then life gets so busy where you don’t feel like you have enough time to spend with family or take care of your own […]

Running late every day contributes to Physician Burnout!

Many of my doctor clients run late every single day!  They don’t want to, but their schedule just “runs away from them” and by the end of the day they are still seeing patients and getting home late all the time. They say to me “well, there are so many hours in a day! I […]