Happy New Year!

It’s the beginning of another New Year … Let’s get your positive vibration in high gear! Have you set your intentions for how you want your year to unfold? Have you aligned your belief system with those intentions? Are you acting “as if” your desires are on their way to you, instead of dwelling on the […]

Physician Burnout Mindset – Don’t wait for the shoe to drop!

As a Certified Life Coach for Doctors, I work with lots of physicians who are overworked, overwhelmed and over their limit on the amount of stress they can handle.  But what is very interesting to see is that many of these same physicians are resistant to making a significant change in their work schedule or […]

Physician Burnout and the Placebo Effect

As you may already know, if you have been following me for quite some time, I was a statistician in the corporate world.  I often find the irony in the contrast between my statistical career and what I do now for a living (i.e., Law of Attraction Happiness Coach and Certified Life Coach for Doctors). […]

Eradicating Physician Burnout with Gratitude!

Have you written a gratitude list lately?  Do you tend to focus on what you are grateful to have in your current  life OR do you focus more on what is NOT working and what stresses you out? Sure, with your hectic schedule and the environment of being around sickness and disease, it may appear […]

Overbooked & Overwhelmed: How to Avoid Physician Burnout with a Hectic, Demanding Schedule

One of the main issues I hear from my Doctor coaching clients who have a full-time Medical Practice is that their schedule is way overbooked and that there is nothing they can do about it. (Well, that’s what they tell me on their first coaching session!)   Their office staff continues to double book appointments […]