My Credentials


Hi.  I’m Maria Lesetz, Certified Life Coach for Doctors.  I have been a professional coach for over 14 years now.  In addition to being a graduate of Coach U, I also completed an extensive Physician Life Coach Training Program in 2006, exclusively trained by an ER Doctor.  Since then, I have helped many physicians, just like you, to avoid burnout, improve work-life balance and to take care of their own wellness so that they can live a happy and healthy life.

I also have a Masters Degree in Statistics and have worked for companies like Unilever and Pepsico Corporate headquarters in New York.   I occasionally consult for Fortune 500 companies, offering my statistical expertise for R&D and Marketing projects.

I have been featured as a Premiere Health and Happiness Coach on Fox News at 10 and KVAL News in Oregon, sharing ongoing inspirational clips to the TV audience, teaching people how to be happy, despite life’s bumps in the road.

I am a Motivational Speaker, especially around the topic of Health and Wellness, teaching audiences from all walks of life how to leverage the power of the Mind-Body connection.

I have been interviewed by journalists for various online medical news articles (e.g., AMN Healthcare and Medscape Today), showcasing the benefits that my Physician Coaching Services have on the widespread problem of Physician Burnout.

I am a contributing writer for Physician Family, a magazine dedicated to addressing the issues facing medical families of all ages. My latest article was on “The Art of Pivoting Physician Burnout to Physician Wellness … and how it will positively impact the entire family!

Physician Family Media Magazine Cover

I also did an extensive 2-part interview on Medical Marriages and Relationships for an online blog run by a Doctor’s wife.  The writer of the blog interviewed me to learn more about life coaching for doctors and the type of professional advice I could give to doctors and their families on the myriad of stresses that a medical marriage can encounter.

Since that blog, I have had quite a few doctors’ wives hire me (no husbands of doctors yet) to help them out with the unique challenges they face by being married to a doctor.

To find out more details about my physician coaching services, click here.  I would be happy to set up a complimentary consultation to discuss how I can help you with the specific challenges you face as a medical professional.