Finding Joy as a Spouse of a Physician

Happy that you are interested in applying for the following complimentary breakthrough Session:

Finding Joy as a Spouse of a Physician, Rekindling your Sense of Self!

During this session we will work together to …

* Identify any negative thought patterns you have that stop you from living full-on with joy in your heart & soul!

* Uncover effective strategies that you can implement immediately which will help you to pivot to that better feeling place.

* Discuss strategies to help you manage and deal with the burnout feelings that your physician spouse brings home.

* Discover what brings you joy and develop a concrete action plan that will help you to incorporate that into your life with ease.

To apply for this complimentary session, please contact me directly and put in the subject line “Finding Joy as a Physician’s Spouse“.  After I receive your request, I will e-mail you a set of brief questions to answer prior to scheduling your session.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

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