About Maria Lesetz

My Motivation for Coaching Physicians:

The journey on how I became a Certified Life Coach for Physicians is a fascinating one. I feel that it was meant to be. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.

It started with my own bump in the road around “health”.  As a result of the churn and burn of the corporate world over a 14 year period and my Type A personality always shooting for perfection and moving up the corporate ladder, along the way, I feel that the stress I experienced over the years caused a “bump in the road” around my health.

What’s intriguing is that before that “bump”, after leaving the corporate world to start my own statistical consulting business, I was already training to be a life coach through a top-notch coaching school.  That training helped me to deal with my health challenge far better than I ever would have been able to prior to being trained as a professional coach.  The skills and techniques that I learned through that coaching school helped me to respond differently to those curve balls of life.  I began teaching stress reduction seminars and sharing the skills I learned through my coach training with others via 1-on-1 coaching and Motivational Speaking events.  Over the years, I have become a highly respected Health and Wellness Coach within the Law of Attraction community, conducting online training webinars and being interviewed on various Radio shows on the topic of health and wellness and the Mind-Body connection.

Along the journey of building my Life Coaching business, I attended an intense training seminar on Business Success for Entrepreneurs. At this seminar I met an Emergency Room Physician who was very impressed with my coaching expertise around health and wellness.  He strongly encouraged me to work with Physicians, since from his point of view “physicians could really use the valuable resource that I provided”.

That led me to a signing up for a specialized Physician Life Coach training program so that I could gain further insights to the challenges and lifestyle of a doctor.  As a result of that additional intense training, I now officially hold the designation of “Certified Comprehensive Physician Life Coach”.

It was an honor when the Physician who conducted that certified training program asked me to write a special training module for his coach-training program on “Coaching Doctors who have their own Health Challenges.

Burnout will lead to health issues.  It’s inevitable.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  I am passionate about teaching you how to manage the daily stressors more effectively, embrace a different mindset, and to be happy and health, despite the challenging demands of your profession.  Physician Wellness is my goal, how about you?

I am a big picture thinker.  And what also motivates me is that my passion for coaching physicians like you around burnout ends up being a win-win for all.  Since, your state of health and wellbeing impacts the health and wellbeing of all your patients and your family too.

When you are happy and healthy, your patients receive all of you and your expertise and get the top-notch care that they expect from their physician.

When you learn how to have a more balanced and joy-filled life, while still enjoying the profession you have chosen, your family benefits ten-fold and your relationships are healthier all-around!

What are you waiting for?

Sign up today for my Physician Coaching Services to start a new path for yourself, one where burnout is no longer an option and wellness and work-life balance is your new story!

I look forward to working with you.